Sons of Grip

Film & Television Equipment Rental

Son’s of Grip is an independent crew of film and television veterans based in Portland, Oregon who specialize in camera movement though the use of Jib arms and Remote Heads.


Equipment Rentals

Please call or use the form on the contact page to set up rentals.

We also have many miscellaneous items available to customize each package.


The Slingshot

Rental: Call for price

The Sling Shot provides dynamic shots with a gimble such as the Movi. We do offer a Movi Pro/Sling Shot package available upon request. The Sling Shot can also be used without a gimbal such as an EZ rig. 

The SlingShot uses Walter Klassen’s proven carbon fiber vest technology to help you support the FreeFly Systems’ MōVI, DJI Ronin, Maxima M30, Defy among other 3-Axis gimbals. Or pop in the adapters to supports any handheld camera setup. With the SlingShot system you can take on longer shots without tiring your arms and still achieve full range of motion, or add extension handles for a wide range high and low mode shots, from over 10 ft high down to ground level in one take
– Takes the weight off the operator’s arms
– Longer shot
– Dampens vertical movement, virtually eliminating bounce
– Individually adjustable tubing and arms allows for a great range of movement and flexibility
– Attaches to all existing Klassen vests. 

Enlouva IV Jib Arm

Rental: $600 / day

Large Jib arm with 60' of crane track and multiple length options.


Rental: $550 / day

With a weight of 22 lbs., this powerful head can be used on any of the Jib arms or rented by itself.  We do offer wireless system.

Triangle Jimmy Jib

Rental: $600 / day

Comes with the Jimmy Jib Remote Head or mount the Talon Head !

 Seven different lengths available, 30'  to 6',  4 wheel and 3 wheel base options.

Lots of extras:

  •  Dolly Troughs
  •  17" and 6" monitors
  •  Honda 1000 generator
  • Wireless focus system

Plenty more in the shop to pull from.


Rental: $325/day

This Jib is a huge improvement to smaller jibs such as Porta-Jib, at the same price point .

  • Arm has a reach of 8' 

  • Overall length 11"

  • Mitchell nose 

  • Ball mount adapters for fluid heads

  • Arm rides on it's own tripo 

Custom T-base with 360 degree rotating wheels making it effortless to move, or to mount to a dolly thanks to it's custom Mitchell fulcrum.


Rental: $150 / day

The Slider is custom fabricated from 6061 aluminum alloy, MIL SPEC III hard anodized for extreme surface toughness.  The Carriage wheels are urethane, chosen for the more fluid feel and silent movement.  This system is much less expensive to replace, and easier to adjust than steel on steel linear bearings.  The "snap" brakes are positive and quick.

Included in this package are a pair of Matthew's precision mini baby combo stands or Matthew's baby combo w/Rocky Mountain.  Wheels available upon request. 


Rental: $45 / day


Rental: $85 / day